What I Do

I’ll help you get where you want to be more easily

You may want transformation in just one or two of these areas or all of them. I’ll work with you flexibly so you can decide on the most effective approach for you – always with a Solutions Focus.

Create change & agility

Agile organisation
  • Depends on connections between people
  • Works with emerging goals, plans and structures
  • Values what is different and quickly adapts to change
  • People adapt to uncertainty
  • Defines success as fitting with the environment
Traditional organisation
  • Top Down
  • Clear goals & structures
  • Values consensus
  • Uses predictable stages of development
  • Defines success as closing the gap with a preferred aim

What balance is right for you?

In today’s mercurial world, traditional organisational models are a poor fit, and flattening your hierarchy and improving communication often isn’t enough. My experience is that most organisations need to be able to change continuously.

Technology is forever evolving, demands are constantly shifting and consumers are always looking for the new – so organisations need to keep up.

I’ll work with you and your senior management teams to create a more responsive, adaptive culture with greater ease. You don’t need a huge, complicated change program that costs a fortune and may give you more of what you don’t need. I’ll help you harness the power of small changes to create big ripple effects, so your teams can make changes quickly and cost-effectively.

It’s not necessarily that you need to leave behind a traditional model entirely – the characteristics of which are outlined here. You need to work out the right balance between tradition and agility for you, to help you stay ahead.

See my work in practice at Highways England and with an international food manufacturer.

Make strategy happen

If a strategy isn’t easy to remember and implement it’s not effective. I’ll help you create a single picture of your strategy on one page. Something that’s easy for everyone to understand, remember and review.

I’ll also help you put abstract strategic plans into action. It all starts by asking you to transport yourself to your preferred future and describe it in detail. What do your clients love about your organisation in this new future? How do colleagues now interact with one another? What are your processes like?

From your responses, we’ll use the future you described to help create that reality underpinned by five to eight critical success factors – areas you need to work on to achieve your strategic goals.

See how I helped Countrywide and Highways England make strategy happen.

Improve performance through coaching

I help you and your people be the best you can be at work so you can all help your organisation thrive and your careers flourish. I don’t believe the way to do this is by analysing the past, or by asking people why they behave the way they do.

I coach one-to-one online via Skype or in person, and focus on pinpointing how the person I’m working with would notice they were doing better and how others would notice it too. This quickly shows them what they need to do to improve their performance.

From the minute we start working together, I’ll help you change your approach, actions and interactions so each person can play a bigger part in your organisation’s success.

If I think coaching someone isn’t the best use of your resources I’ll tell you.

See how my coaching made a difference at The Co-operative Group, The Halifax and PwC

Revolutionise performance appraisal systems

Do you see appraisals as a necessary evil? A challenging box-ticking exercise? Could they actually be impairing performance?

Most appraisal systems ask managers to choose one rating from unsatisfactory to excellent. The problem is, this does not give a true picture of performance because everyone’s performance varies over time. Choosing one rating creates appraisals that can be difficult, inaccurate and demoralising.

I’ll show you how to use Solutions Focus in your appraisal system to capture how people are performing when they’re at their best. I’ll also show you how to use that as an inspiring, motivating platform to improve their performance overall.

See how I helped Kirk Newsholme transform its use of appraisals to improve performance.

Increase efficiency in health, disability and aged care

I can help you support more people and use fewer resources just by changing the way your staff have conversations with clients.

No one wants to make people dependent on care, but health, disability and aged care workers can unintentionally create dependency through their communication methods.

I use Solutions Focus to teach them to have different conversations and transform the way they ask questions, listen and respond – and put the answers back with the client. It helps ensure people are independent faster and for longer, often in ways your people haven’t considered before.

See how I helped North East Lincolnshire in the UK achieve 10% savings.

Let’s talk about what you want to achieve

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Let’s talk about what you want to achieve

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