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The Map Is Not The Territory: It’s not so much about “strong and stable”, it’s more about “agile and able”

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This morning politicians and the media were forecasting chaos across the Commons regarding the Brexit negotiations that begin in 11 days.

They do not see how the complex results can be untangled to move forward with so many views apparent.

They are missing the point in a postmodern world.

This election campaign has shown it is deceptively simple to create a plan, when what is needed is navigating complexity. And that describes the difference in the two campaigns.

The two leaders displayed contradictory styles and this is how it played out. Theresa May operated from a traditional, authoritative, centralised approach to the election. That made it hard to manoeuvre in a constantly changing environment and helped Corbyn who networked, responded in the moment, and adapted to the territory as it changed.

The postmodern world is defined by speed of change and individual difference. This means that what actually needs to change is our approach to change.

So what to do instead?

In our current organisational models we look for consensus. But in a world defined by constant change and difference, this is odd. Noticing difference, particularly the differences that are useful is what we should be observing.

Describing differences as divisions, even before they have reared their head as such, slows the next key to success.

Speed of change requires us to be highly networked and self-organised. It’s not just about flattening your organisation, it’s about enabling it to network and trusting it to self-organise for new solutions to emerge.

All of this, requires us to take a step at a time rather than plough on with the predetermined plan. It’s not that we shouldn’t have a map, but we need to stop, observe, adjust to the territory, altering our map as we go.

We shouldn’t be surprised by the complex parliamentary result. It is symbolic of a post-modern world. Knowing how to navigate it is key. It’s not so much about strong and stable, it’s more about agile and able.

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Carey Glass

“The Map Is Not The Territory” – quoted by A. Korzybski


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