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Every Case Is Different

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On the weekend, Ann Sophie Mutter, the great violinist, performed. I went with a friend who is a classical musician.

Listening, I was thinking about what makes the difference between orchestras who are technically excellent yet the music of one is not as beautiful as the other.

At interval I asked my friend, expecting a musical answer.  She instantly said understanding of cultural history.  Even if just the conductor understands the cultural history of the piece s/he can get a very different outcome with the same piece of music.

When the painter Tom Roberts returned to Australia after a few years in Europe, he came with enthusiasm for the new revolutionary trends he had learnt and plein-air painting.  He was convinced he had found the key to the Australian landscape.

If he had gone to Europe and simply applied that consciousness to Australian painting, the Heidelberg school would not have created the body of art, that became the first movement that was distinctly and consciously Australian.

What they added was cultural history and both those words are important. They added an understanding of place, a history of beauty and hardship.

One of the elegant principles of Solutions Focus is that it recognises that each case is unique.

This recognition streamlines change as it honours the unique knowledge and culture of that organisation bringing forward what is working into the future and honouring that knowledge in developing the new.  Like the artists who created the uniqueness of Australian impressionism, that facilitates and eases change.

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