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Are you working from the present or creating the future?

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In the last couple of days I picked up these questions on social media.

One set was from a non-profit. The flip chart read:

  1. What do we need to break?
  2. What do we need to build?
  3. What assumptions can we challenge?

The second was for recruitment and said

  1. What sort of person are we looking for?
  2. What qualities will complement us?
  3. What does that mean in a pragmatic sense?

If you look at them, these are questions that start in the present and go forward. They are saying from where we are now where do we want to go?

I suspect what these groups would really like to be doing is to start in the future, and get as close as possible to knowing that that future is working.

There are ways of working that allow you to live that future earlier, rather than return to the present.

It might be helpful for the non-profit to ask

  • If we had challenged assumptions and it was useful how would we notice?

The recruiting organisation might ask

  • If the person had the qualities that complemented us, how would we see that in our everyday activities? How would we notice it?

In skilled hands, these descriptions become so rich that the groups do not need to return to the present, but can simply put some of that richness in place immediately.

Do contact me if you would like to live your future now.

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