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Agile Business: Should We Collaborate?

By July 25, 2018 No Comments


Maybe we should just interact? Here’s why.

We need agile because the world is fast moving and fast changing.

Fast changing means we always need to be on the lookout for what’s different so we can adapt.

We need this discipline in our companies looking to the market and practice it internally so we can adapt.

When we collaborate we work together. But words carry meanings. Collaborate can make people feel like they need to agree, when they should be sharing differences to find the most useful ones.  In this world there is a risk in getting to consensus too early.

Interaction implies nothing other than having a lot of conversation. It leads to more possibilities. Collaboration is one of them. But if collaboration is the agile mantra, we may be forcing an approach when it isn’t required.

Instead, interact and see what emerges.


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