About Me

My drive is to make a big positive difference

For people
For organisations
For the world

In a career that’s encompassed psychology, neuroscience, coaching and management consultancy, I’ve found that taking a Solutions Focus is crucial in helping me do this.

The power of language

Solutions Focus is an original and practical way of using language to help people progress and improve without focusing on their problems. It appeals to my positive outlook and really excites me.

I think language is critical. It’s the only way we have to communicate so making sure it works is vital to bring about powerful change. Having started out with an honours degree in psycholinguistics in Melbourne, I continue my studies in this area. Most recently, with a cutting edge course in the microanalysis of language.

From neuroscience to organisational psychology

In 1989, after a three-year MSc in neuroscience, I began working in head injury rehabilitation at South Australia’s largest centre for people with head injuries and physical disabilities. When asked to write a strategy document on the centre’s future, I jumped at the chance. It was my move into organisational psychology and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Based on my work at the centre, I was offered positions at several high profile organisations. Instead, I set up a consultancy and worked with companies such as Ernst & Young and Morgan & Banks.

A life-changing discovery

After a move to Britain in 1996, I was accepted into the British Psychological Society as an occupational psychologist and continued management consultancy and coaching.

When a friend introduced me to the Solutions Focus approach in 2001, I went on a training course and in just a few hours everything changed for me. Since then, I’ve used Solutions Focus to help floundering organisations power forwards, individuals achieve performance breakthroughs, large companies make swift transformations, and more.

I’m back in Melbourne, Australia now and continue to work with people and organisations around the world.

Full focus on living the future now

I believe in Solutions Focus so strongly I’ve taken a very active role in developing and promoting it. You can see me present at conferences and I’m one of three editors of InterAction: The Journal of Solutions Focus in Organisations. I’m also continuing to develop my own skills by completing a Solutions Focus diploma.

Why you’ll like working with me

You’ll create change and improvement easier and faster than you could imagine.

What drives me is helping people succeed – the personal performance and achievement that drives corporate success.

I’m an experienced occupational psychologist and I really know my stuff, but I’m not esoteric – we’ll work together in an easy, comfortable way.

I’m guided by evidence, not fads.

If I don’t think I can do anything useful for you I’ll tell you.

My qualifications and memberships

 ​Australian Psychological Society member since 1988.

Chartered Psychologist UK, occupational division since 1999.

Member HCPC UK (Health and Care Professions Council).

MSc neuroscience.

BSc Hons psycholinguistics.

Member of SFIO (Solutions Focus in Organisations).

Member of AASFBT (Australasian Association of Solutions Focus Brief Therapy).

Member of UKASFP (United Kingdom Association of Solutions Focus Practice).

Examples of my published work

2016: Moving Fast at Highways England: Case Study

In InterAction Vol 8, No.2, 20-30

Moving Fast at Highways England 


2013: Using SF to Create Whole System Change in Social Care

In InterAction Vol 5, No. 2, 74-85

Using SF to Create Whole System Change in Social Care 


2009 “Exploring What Works: Is SF the Best Way of Harnessing the Power of Positive Psychology in the Workplace?”

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Positive Psychology 


2008 “A Container For Problems”

in “57 SF Activities”

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Solutions Books 

2008 “Ein Behälter für Probleme”

in “Solution Tools”

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ManagerSeminare [In the top 10 bestselling management books in Germany 2008]



2007 “The Power Of One: When Coaching One Man Changes An Organisation”

In “Solutions Focus Working 80 Real Life Lessons For Successful Change In Organisations

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Solutions Books

Translated into Japanese for the first Solutions in Organisations Conference in Japan 2008

The Power of One 


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My latest presentations

  • Resilience Workshop for Ernst and Young
  • Moving fast at Highways England for ASFIO North

Susie Alexander – Managing Consultant, Programme Director, City Councils

“Carey's personal style and approach is warm, thoughtful and supportive, but she will challenge assumptions and mindsets! I valued her insight and her ability to ask the right questions of challenging people to deflate opposition or hostility or to enable them to realise that they might be making erroneous assumptions, without loss of face.”

Let’s talk about what you want to achieve

Email me: careyglass@changewithease.com

Let’s talk about what you want to achieve

Email me: